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5 hot red peppers.

Traditional Buffalo

Feeling spicy? We bring four levels of heat to the American classic and take your taste buds on a zesty adventure.

Cheeseburger with Buffalo Bliss Level 2 heat.
Image of our Fried Pickle Burger.

Buffalo Flavors

  • Ragin Cajun flavor.
    Level 3 heat.

    Our mild-mannered blend of buttery Buffalo spices will not make you a super hero.

  • Tame flavor.
    Level 1 heat.

    Our mild-mannered blend of buttery Buffalo spices will not make you a super hero.

  • Buffalo Bliss flavor.
    Level 2 heat.

    We’ve kicked it up a notch or two for a warmer Buffalo experience.

  • HotShot flavor.
    Level 3 heat.

    Boldly experience the Buffalo flavor while sweating with pleasure.

  • Nuclear Habanero flavor.
    Level 4 heat.

    Go ahead and light the fuse and say you took the ride.

  • Garlic Parm flavor.
    Level 2 heat.
Image of red powder.
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Sweet withNo Heat

Can't stand the heat? Order these from our kitchen. Honey brings sweet balance to the savory for a full-flavored punch.

Boneless Wings with Honey Q No heat.
Image of our Boneless Wings with Honey Q.

Sweet with no heat

  • Honey Q flavor.
    No heat.

    Sweet honey and smoky BBQ hook up to deliver great Southern flavor.

  • Liquid Gold flavor.
    No heat.

    Our full-flavored version of traditional honey mustard offers blissful relief from the heat.

  • Sweet Samurai flavor.
    No heat.

    Asian traditionalists love this glaze of soy, honey, ginger and teriyaki flavor.

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Sweet and Spicy

For flavorholics who refuse to sacrifice heat to satisfy their sweet tooth, these flavors are the best of both worlds.

Original Wings with Mango Fire Level 4 heat.
Image of our original wings with Mango Fire.

Sweet & Spicy

  • Buffalo Ranch flavor.
    Level 2 heat.

    Our unique sizzling version of the world’s most popular dressing.

  • Thai Chili flavor.
    Level 2 heat.

    Our Far East fusion of spicy Thai plus sweet & sour will arouse your taste buds.

  • Smokin Q flavor.
    Level 3 heat.

    BBQ smokehouse flavor with a serious cayenne kick will heighten your senses.

  • Mango Fire flavor.
    Level 4 heat.

    Kick back and enjoy a trip to the islands – an island with an active volcano!

  • Chipotle BBQ flavor.
    Level 1 heat.
Image of parmesan cheese.
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Dry Rub

Our savory flavor blends take our wings, fries, and sandwiches to the next level. Sometimes we like to rub it in.

Image of our Garden Salad with Cool ranch tenders.

Dry rub

  • Cool ranch flavor.
    No heat.

    Make it COOL with our savory blend of dry rub ranch flavors.

  • Blackened Voodo flavor.
    Level 1 heat.

    We sizzle your wings with the dry rub Cajun flavors of New Orleans.

  • Lemon Pepper flavor.

    Pucker up to this classic blend of Lemon Zest and a touch of pepper.

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